Tuesday, October 21, 2008

All falls apart

Gotta do this quick, got some computer access after classes. Can't go to any of my fave sites, can really only check here and my email.

I got caught! Mom and dad checked my room; they thought with the way i'd been acting, that i was using drugs. So, while i was at classes, they searched my room. They found my stash of girl things, some pics Bryce took, and a couple magazines i had. They were shocked, but they said at least i wasn't using.

They don't know everything (hypnosis, going out in public, my dad crush), but they know enough. I hope they understand that this is who i am, not some kinda rebellion thing. I hope i can get back to you all soon.

pray for Quinn.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Almost a month?!?

Ok, well as you know, I am very bad about keepin up.

I'm really sorry. and i even have a new online friend givin me support.

thanx Alexia!

Well, school has started, and those communications degrees don't grow on trees.

Of course, Bryce wants me to attend school as a woman, and i LOVE the idea, but it just aint gonna happen.

At least this semester! ;)

Well, we did get some time to take some pics of me in Jeans, and I'm posting them now!

So, I hope my cute lil ass makes up for no posting for weeks.

Oh, and I can't wait till Halloween!!!!

can you say, "Slutty maid"?

I know you can!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Almost ended it all!

Hey there.
Sorry to be away for so long.
Well, part of that is Ike's fault; we lost power and was almost a week to get it back.

But the other half was that I was really thinking of giving up.

I know, I do this all the time, and I know I've really come a long way from a kid dressed in his sister's cheer uni, but for a while there, I was really thinking of doing it. Throwing it all out, deleting those files, eraseing the pics, and forgetting about being Bryce's girl.

But, I've talked to some people, and they told me that while they supported me no matter what I decided, they thought I should listen to my heart.

So, I'm back in the panties again!

Hopefully more soon!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Am I a Freak?

So, I did the experiment last night, mostly just to shut Bryce up and clear my head.

If you ever feel you need to experiment to prove something, then sisters you are in for a rude awakening.

I listened to the female mind files, as Bryce suggested, then I went downstairs to hang out with dad and watch some tv. He was watching a movie, so i grabbed some popcorn and sat on the couch near his chair. At first, everything seemed normal, and i felt vindicated.

Then, these stray thoughts started to pop up. I realized i had been watching my dad, like almost staring at him. I caught myself thinking about how good looking he is, a thought that almost made me leave the room. Then, after a bit, i found myself wishing that i could wear one of my outfits for daddy (thats what i thought, daddy!) to see me in! I tried to put them out of my head, and pay attention to the movie, but it was like a boomerang; as soon as i thought i'd gotten it out, it came back. I wish i knew why this was happening to me!

Well, eventually, the movie was over, and then i went to get the dvd out of the player. Thats when i realized that i had just bent at the waist to get it, showing off my butt like some street hoe!
Dad didn't say anything; he was reading the box, and that's what really bothered me for a few seconds: He didn't notice my cute butt in my nice black lace panties!

I don't think this was anything that Bryce did, at least not on purpose. If i had to guess, maybe it's a mix of the several hypno files that i listen to everynight.

There is another thing that's bothering me: i seem to want to get caught being dressed as Quinn. I've left things out that would reveal my hobby. I've left my computer or camera in states where my files could be found, and i've started wearing bits of female garb with my boy clothes.

I don't know what my parents will say if they find out. I hope they will be supportive, but you never know.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Figuring stuff out

So, as I posted before, Bryce really crossed a line with me. He made me a different girl ( i guess i'm ok with that), but worse off, he made me flirt with my dad...sorta.

Why do all the good ones have to be perverted???

So, after a couple of days to make him suffer, we talked. Eventually, we talked about what happened. I told him that in theory, everything that we did was hot, but the incest stuff just made me mad. He told me that there were two things that he had thought about:
1) Chastity wasn't my dad's child, she was just some hottie. So that's why i was able to be slutty like that.

2)You can't be hypnotized to do somethign you wouldn't normaly do.

That part troubles me, because if that is true, then it would mean that under the right circumstances, i WOULD flirt (or worse.....ewww) with my dad!

But, while my arguments were mostly me being mad, Bryce's were logical. He even proposed an experiment: I get myself in a female mind (listening to a file or two), then hang around dad. See what my reactions are, if any.

So, I'm putting my money where my brains at: been listening to female mind files for a couple hours now. I'm going to go downstairs and get a snack, and sit near dad.

We'll see how this goes!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a long strange week it's been! (or two)

So, flush from my out in public experience, I did what always happens; I got all drepressed. For a couple days, I did my usual self doubt stuff.

Then, Bryce started to cheer me up. So, that satuday we did our hypno thing. I became a really sexy Quinn, he took some pics, and then we went at it like horny rabbitts! It was really nice, he makes me feel sooo good, that I never want to stop being his girl.

So, I was surprised when he told me that he wanted to try something, and we would do it Monday (the 25th). Oh was he a bad boy....that day anyway. He had me get into this pretty dress. Then, he put me under. First of all, he took me outside, but made me not care or notice that it was 4 oclock and i was out as a girl for everyone to see. We'd been outside before, but not IN FRONT of the house. The other suggestion he gave me was that my breast inserts were real, and that he had gotten them for me.

I was sooo confused when i felt my 'boobs'; i couldn't remember the surgery, but since they were real (in my head) i must have had it. Yeah, we were bad horny kids again after that.

So, we didn't do too much the rest of the week, well until Saturday. Bryce had me listen to a special file for him; i really didnt know what was on it. It put me under so fast that i had no time to listen to it to see what he was putting into my head. I guess there were some suggestions for me to want to listen to the program alot, and to not try and fight it, because by Saturday, i was practically attached to my zune.

This next part is sorta hard for me to write; partially because i'm really not sure what really happened to me Saturday, and because I really feel sorta hurt that Bryce took this soo far.

So, after my parents went away for their usual Labor day get away, Bryce called me and asked if i was ready for the big surprise, and of course i said yeah. Then he said some word and everything gets fuzzy. I sorta remember getting out my newest wig and an outfit that he had gotten me. I got really made up...I've seen the pics he took and i don't really recognize me. Then he showed up and gave me a NEW NAME!!!

Chastity! And then he asked me if i was ready for out date. From what i can remember, all i wanted was to be his slut! Then we went outside, me looking like a different girl, and my boy taking Chastity out on the town! I couldn't keep my hands off of him, and he loved it. I even felt my new body like a real girl, and i REALLLLY wanted to show it off. We drove for a while, and we went to a nice little resturant, that looking back i recognized: the place mom and dad go out to eat when they go out for Labor day!!! Bryce took me inside, and we got a table.

From my hazy memories, i remember sitting where they couldn't see us. While we ate, Bryce seemed to be giving me ideas, about being sexy, about being slutty. Then, he told me to go to the bathroom, and to make sure i walked by a certain table (mom & dad's) So i wiggled my tight ass right by them, and after standing in the restroom for a few minutes, i strutted back. I remember my dad looking at me, and i gave him a sly, sexy smile.

I should point out that i wasn't myself, so he wasn't my dad, at least mentally. So, dad sorta smiled back at me, and i sat down with Bryce. Then we left. We went back to my house, and we were back at it. Like a horny slut, i kept nothing back. Bryce started to ask me how i felt about that "old guy" checking me out, and he even told me stuff about how dad was checking me out, and how he could see how horny i made him. Well, that made me practically cum right there. Afterwards, he let me go back to being Quinn.

I was soo pissed about him taking chances with me like that, and for making me get all slutty toward my own father. I kicked him out of the house. I've talked to him today, but I'm still pretty mad.

So, I tried to put it all behind myself and do a little hypno just me by myself. Tried a new look or two. I might do something with him this weekend, after he apologizes for what he did.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Developments!!!

We inturrupt Bryce's Backwood's fantasy for a breaking development:

I was out as Quinn over the weekend!


I know, its amazing! So, after I did my other part of Bryce's b-day celebration, i got sorta upset about stuff. I know, I get that way after I dress alot. I get all "I'm never going to be more than a boy dressed as a girl." And then i get all upset and want to quit.

Well, this time is no different. But, Thursday, Bryce decided to lift me outa my depression and make me feel like a princess again! A town near by was having a Festival, and he thought it would be cool for him to take Quinn! Not a day dream, not a dream-dream, but for reals!

I told him he was bat-shitte-crazy, but he pointed out that if we did it later at night, when it was dark, and didn't cause a scene, that no one would know. With all the noise, crowds and other stuff, no one would pay attention (bummer) to the blonde hottie from outta town. It took him all day Friday, but he got me to agree. Although, in hindsight, i shoulda been more worried about a bunch of townies burning me at a stake.

We did it Saturday; i picked out my Quinn outfit (jeans, tank and boots), got my wig an makeup, and stashed them in a bag near the front door. I mean, i couldn't walk out the front door as Quinn, could i? (not yet), later in the evening, Bryce came by. We hung out, played some playstation, and he had me listen to that suggestion file....just in case he said. Then, we decided to hit the fest, for some 'fattening food' we said.

On the way outta town, we hit his house, and I got changed. And Bryce loved my outfit. So, after ensuring me that we were going to be ok, we headed to the Fest! We found a place to park, and i had another attack of the nerves. That's when Bryce pointed out the guys who were trying to get a better look at me through the window of the car! That got me a little more into it, so i got out. As we walked by, i heard one of those guys say "Damn, that boy is f**kin lucky! I gotta get me a chick like that!" (if he only knew, i giggled to Bryce). Then Bryce got mean, and told me that i should "Wiggle when I walked", and thanks to that file, i started to strut.

OMG! It was amazing! We were just another couple walking around town, looking at stuff, getting food here and there! No one looked at me funny. OK, guys did, but i think that was more of a 'who is THAT girl?' thing. And from what i could see, i looked pretty much like all the other 18ish girls walking around the fest.

Then, Bryce took my hand, and we WERE a couple! He is so sweet sometimes. (when he's not trying to make me act like a slut!) Yeah, that came up again: some guy was pretty drunk by this beer garden this club had. He started whistling at me, calling me 'sweet cheeks', and trying to get me to come over. I was embarrased, but Bryce wanted to have some fun with him, so he told me ''you're so horny now", and suddenly i needed a man! I looked at that drunk, then i smiled, then i grabbed Bryce and frenched him right there! The guy got pissed, but Bryce took me back to the car, where we made out for a while before going home. God it was so hot!

Bryce want's me to go out with him again soon, and i know i want that too. I'm just afraid that i'm going to slip up and get caught as Quinn! But for right now, i don't care!

I wanna be a princess!

Oh, here's a pic!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Well, yesterday was Bryce's b-day, and since we were alone, I was his girl Quinn all day for him.
I put on a skirt and stockings and all kinds of nice things. After playing around a little, he had me listen to some new files he got just for today. I was worried he was going to turn me into a stripper or something. Apparently, what they did do was make me even more suggestible, but not totally tranced out. So, after taking some pics that were VERY embarassing for me, he put the idea in my head that I really wanted to be outside as Quinn.

I was like a little kid, begging my boyfriend Bryce to take me outside. I kept trying to pull him out the front door, or trick him, or sneak around him. Finally, i got him to take me outside! The sun felt sooo good on me. Just knowing I was outside made me very hot. Well, I did somethings that a mother said no good girl would do for her boyfriend, but Bryce loved it, so that's all that matters.

After cleaning up, we watched a movie, and made some dinner. It was a reall date for me! Bryce was sooo sweet to me, he was a total gentleman. Then, the pervert side of him took over, and after the second movie, he decided he wanted pizza. He ordered it for delivery while i listened to the files again. Then, he told me i was going to pay for the pizza, and that pizza guys made me VERY HORNY!! As much as i tried to fight it, those thoughts kept rattling around my head! I couldn't wait for the pizza guy to show up, so i could be a sexy tease for him.

Then the doorbell rang! For a second i was nervous, then i was horny as hell! I wanted that guy to see me in my little skirt and top, so i struted over to the door and opened it. I didn't know the guy; he was like 20ish, but he looked me up and down for a second, then asked if i ordered a pizza. I just went "mmmhmmm" and nodded. He blushed and told me how much it cost; I made a big show of getting the money from my purse behind me (and bending over to show off my stocking tops), gave him a $20 and said 'keep it'. He thanked me, turned around and headed back to his car, stopping once to look back at me. After he pulled away, Bryce asked me if i had fun, because he had.

I jumped him right there. I was a very, very bad girl. And the pizza got cold!

So, tonite, Bryce wants me to read a bunch of incest caps while listening to the daydream file. I told him i would do it (i hope i wasn't under his power at that point...), and then write whatever I daydreamed, no matter how smutty, or pervered it was.

Pray for Quinn!


Monday, August 4, 2008

Two week funk!

Ok, so, I've been gone for two weeks.

Well, some of that time was me being girly. Then, I had this crisis of faith where I thought that I was doing the wrong thing. I was born a boy, and I should stay a boy.

But then I saw my make up kit and new that was a bunch of bull!

So, then there was some family time; a little vacation. That part was the hardest; I didn't spend any time as Quinn, and I really didn't have time to even daydream like I had been. So, alot of the stuff Bryce and I did had to be redone.

Well, Bryce's birthday is comeing up, and he wants me to be his present!

Not like that (well maybe), but he wants girly Quinn for a whole day, maybe even for me to go somewhere as Quinn! (I'm not too sure about that, but he is the hypnotist!) The one thing he wants that I'm a little weary of is that he wants me to try a daydream after reading some of his fave captions, which as I mentioned earlier, are sorta heavy in the incest department. But, it's only in my head, right?


Anway, Probably some more pics coming soon. Sorry to be so short, but I also got to think about schooling too. College awaits (maybe I'll be full time Quinn by then....?)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A new level of Girlness!

Oh my gawd! Look at that pic! That's me! I'm like totally a girl now!

Well, maybe outside wise. And how i've been acting. I think my familiy might be wise to me and my changes, but I SO DON'T CARE RIGHT NOW!!!!

I should, but i don't. Bryce put me way under today, and like everything fell into place. I went to town on the wardrobe and the makeup, used the new wig and some pointers I got online, and out popped QUINN! Bryce was floored.

Floored! (well, a little tackle from me doesn't help either...hehe). I didn't try the jeans, i went for a skirt, oh a and dress. He likes me in a skirt anyway....perve guys!

So, we took these shots, and sorta played around a bit. OK, we played ALOT! I don't ever want to be kevin again. But here i am now, back as kevin (cept my thong under my shorts,,:) ), letting you know what happened.

The gang over at Rachel's has been supportive; I only wish they were more vocal (like me! kidding!!),but hey, I'm doing this for me, not them.

Ok, gotta split. More soon.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still dreamin

So, i've been doing my day dream exersizes, and it's been fun.

After getting pizza, and realizing how hot our server was in her tight knit pants, i gave it a go. It was fun, taking orders, flirting with guys, finding ways to show off my ass but not really show it off too bad. And the guys making the pizza were into me too! One guy got my number, and i guess i had gone out with at least one other guy! For a work related dream, it was fun.

Went with Bryce to the fair. Wish i coulda been in girl mode, but maybe for the Festival next month...:(.

Anyway, there were ALOT of girl hotties running around, and Bryce wanted me to pay attention to them. So, i did, and then i got some of Bryce's commentary. Stuff like about some of these girls live out here (fair grounds, in trailers) when they show their animals, and how they are kinda slutty sometimes (hey, wearing hotpants and a halter top that says "Sexpot" doesnt make you ALL slutty, does it?), and how they are all 'Daddies lil girls'. I can only guess what he meant.

So, I did the file. I woke up in a trailer, realized i was a few years younger, got a shower. Put on a skimpy pair of panties, no bra, a tight knit top and skin tight pair of very short jeans shorts. I went out and checked on my horse (Winnepeg), rubbed him down. Then went and had breakfast. Dad had made eggs and bacon (yummers), and he was so proud of the awards we had won already. He even said i was the best girl at the fair, and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek! That made me soo happy. Then i went out and cruised the fairgrounds.
That part was a blur: guys making comments about me being hot, girls being nice to my face and calling me a slut behind my back. And old guy who kept stareing at my chest congratulating me on my awards, while his wife gave me the "stink eye" After meeting up with some of the girls, a guy that ran the bumper cars came over to me, and told me he thought i was pretty hot. He told me he was on lunch and wanted to have it with me. Rather than head for the food stands, I took him back to the trailer! As soon as i was sure Daddy wasn't there, I laid down on the couch and told him that lunch was "served"! (wow, i am a slut, arent i?), and then things went from there. Bryce called me and woke me up before stuff got too far, but it was far enough. I told him all about it, and he told me i should write this one out. (i think he was mad about it, for some reason) so i did!

So, any suggestions for more?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day dream believer

Wow, I sounded like a real slut in that last one, eh?

Bet you liked that, huh?


Well, I think I've got some of this stuff figured out. Seems that i can sorta control my daydreams a bit. I've been trying it for the last 2 days. I think about something, or read something, and if it leaves enough of an impression, my daydream takes on that form.

I guess, for my church one, i was a lil bit horny too, besides dreaming about church. omg i'm so going to hell.

So, besides doing my first ever caption (thanks for all the praise, gang), I've had a very interesting couple of days.

I read an article about female executives, and became some blonde office hottie; i sat with mom while she watched some movie with a wedding and then went and got married (to Bryce, natch!); after several flippings through my HS yearbook i've been a cheerleader, majorette, bad girl, teacher (i was in my class, weird?), prom queen and lunch lady; after going to the pool, i was a lifeguard; thinking about my sister when she was younger made me a little girl (that was fun...glad i wasn't horny then..ewwwwww); and after watching 'Girls next Door' made me a bunny!

I probably shoulda written all of them out, but it was a roller coaster of fun; if you want to hear one, let me know, k?

So, now i'm trying to figure out where to take that next: i'm thinking of tying an action movie and being a Buffy or some such, or maybe a comic. Thought about being a mother, dancer, or some other cute chick profession.

Bryce, being the big perve he is, has some other ideas. He's thinking striper, female character in a Skinamax movie, girl in a romance novel, or maybe hooker.

Another idea he had that i sorta like but it scares me is for me to read a bunch of captions and see what happens. That sounds like fun on the surface, but he has a bunch saved on his computer, and most of them are dirty. A few of them are incest related (those are his favorites), and he seems to like to show them too me. They are sorta hot, but just...i dont know, sorta wrong. But, he points out, its all just in my head, and we shouldn't get all worked up over some silly fantasy stuff. I guess he has a point, so we'll see.

On the super plus side, all this girly thinking has made me very good with my makeup, my new wig and my sis's clothes. I've been dressing on my own when i get the chance; going to take new pics soon, promise!

OK, off to go zone out.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Church Daydream

Since i was still a lil bit mad at Bryce, i decided to try the daydream file out by going to church in a sexy dress. I found one on American Apparel's site

So, i turned on my pod and zoned out. Next thing i knew, i was getting out of the shower, getting ready for church. I put on that little number over there, some sexy blue undies, and matching 2 inch (it is church, btw) heels and headed downstairs. Daddy whistled at me, and i got all nervous, but he didn't make me change, although mom seemed to not like my outfit. After a quick nibble, it was into the car and off to church. I loved how the wind blew around my legs; it was all i could do to keep my dress down!

I hopped out of the car (an suv, so i had to step down....dramaticly of course), and stood infront of the church for all to see. I heard some people saying how grown up i was, some saying i was a slut, and quite a few men describing what they wanted to do to me. I just smiled pretty and went inside, making quite a show on the steps.

I won't bore you with the service; but i knew everyone was looking at hot lil Quinn! I uncrossed my legs, and i know i made the pastor lose his place. Then, mom looked at me and told me i had to do the collection. So i hurried back to the back of the chappel, and got the large brass plate. When the pastor indicated, i started down the asile, bending down to give and receive the plate. That's when i realized i might be flashing my sexy little ass to everyone. But, for some reason, i couldn't stop. I just kept on passing the plate, bending over, showing my cute blue panties. It was embarassing, but strangly a turn on too. Soon, i was actually wiggling my ass waiting for the plate! I knew people were watching me...and i wanted them to get their "money's worth". The really strange part was that while men were ogling me, mom and dad seemed unphased. When it was done, i struted back to the altar, bent over at the waist, turned, and walked a catwalk walk back to my seat next to daddy. I plopped down in the pew practically ontop of him, and he just put his hand on my knee like i was a little girl and said "Good job, pumpkin. You're such a pretty young woman now."

And thats when i got that feeling i get when i think of Bryce, or when i dream about him. All warm and dreamy.

That's when i woke up out of it, to my mom knocking on my door, tellin me we had church in the morning.

haha, been there, done that, mommy dearest!!!

First fight

Bryce and I had a fight today; not a guys busting knuckles on each other, but like a couple fight. I mentioned to him that i was having some doubts as to what we were doing, and thought maybe we should take it slower, at least till i feel better about things.

And that's when he started getting mad. He acted like i was getting in the way of what he wanted; i started crying and then pointed out that we were doing this so i could be Quinn, not so he could play with my head and create his dream girl. We yelled at each other, and i stormed off, crying like a little girl. I even started to throw away all my girl stuff (or return the borrowed stuff to my sister), and delete all my files, when Bryce knocked on my door. He said he was sorry that he was so mean. He was so amazed by our progress that he was getting excited, and couldn't wait for the next steps to start.

In the end, he told me that whatever i decided would be ok with him, but he hoped I chose to go ahead.

And, after alot of thinking and crying, and really wishing i could wear my sister's bikini, i agreed. He left me a new file, and it's really cool. It's alot like that 'dream girl' one we used earlier, but in this one, you do sorta a 'daydream'; i just used it again before i logged on. I was sorta sitting there, staring into space, but in my head, i was a real girl doing girly things in my girly room! I mean it was weird; i was setting out a cute dress to wear to church tomorrow, setting my alarm, txting to Bryce, changing into my nighty and cuddling up with a teddy bear daddy bought me. But in actuality, i never got up, and only 15 minutes passed! I might even try it again; just let my mind wander a bit. Maybe i'll think about Bryce before doing it, or maybe imagine going to church as a pretty girl!

ok, hope to write more soon!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Rough week

Sorry I haven't posted much this week; Bryce has had me doing alot of listening to files and spending time doing one on one sessions, and sometimes i feel so down afterward that i almost want to quit.

I'm not sure if it's that i know deep down i will never really be Quinn, or if i'm fighting becoming Quinn on some level, but Bryce says it's just a phase, and that soon it will all be alright. He'd never steer me wrong, right?

Well, I have big plans for the coming weeks, so i hope things start comeing together soon.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

After the Femme

Wow, I read that stuff and it seems like a dream....i guess the female mind stuff has worn out, or maybe waiting for a trigger to reactivate, but I'm back to my usual boish self. I don't feel like kissing my best friend, I don't want to strut around the mall (more on that later) and I don't want to wear girls jeans.

I want to wear a jean mini!!!

Hahaha omg i m sb!

So, this is in sharp contrast to yesterday's trip to the mall and movies. Like I said, panties and bra under my boy's stuff. Pink lace, for those keepin score! And in my head, a little file called "female mind", and let me tell you, it really worked. I really wanted to put on my sisters mini and hose, my make up and wig, but I couldn't, and i was soooo pouty! :(

Bryce picked me up, and we went to the mall, then to see Hancock. He kept looking at me, and finally he asked what was the matter; i told him that it was all i could do to keep from kissing him right there in the street. He laughed and joked that i was into him bad. Then he pointed out that I was sitting like a girl. I just giggled and pointed out how much he liked my legs. He shyly agreed, and we continued onto the mall. I reallized that when we were walking, i would sway my hips like a girl. I would try to stop, but it seemed so natural! Bryce told me i shoulda worn tighter shorts, since my ass is fantastic. God that turned me on! I told him that if he wanted, i could find something more to his liking in one of the stores; he said that we had time and he would love it, so he hit the Steve and Barry's in the mall! I picked out a pair my size, a pair two sizes too small, and when Bryce wasn't looking, a pair of girls short shorts! Then we headed to the changeing rooms.

I had Bryce stand lookout for me, even thought i wanted him in there with me...so to speak. To keep up the appearence of two guys being out, I tried on the pair my size first. He shook his head. So I darted back into the room and changed into those girls shorts. I asked if it was clear, and he said it was, so i steped out of the room. You should have seen Bryce's face! Jaw on the floor "omg your ass is so damn hot" was the basis of his compliment. I told him what i had on, and then went to put on the small shorts. They were very tight, but were still boy shorts. Bryce said he liked the other ones better, but we could work with these. I left the other stuff in the room and took the small pair to pay for them. After we left, we headed to the theater. Bryce wanted me to change in the restrooms there. Then he handed me a tiny pink thong, and told me he had swiped it for me; I was to wear it as well. I quickly went in and changed, and met him in the theater. I think I heard a guy whistle at me as i went in!

We didn't do much in the movie, at first. Then, Bryce leaned in and told me that i was so sexy it was all he could do to not take me in the theater. I actually moaned when he told me that. Then he slid a hand under my but to feel my ass. So, I let him feel me up for the rest of the movie. Then, he had me wait while the credits rolled. Before we left, he looked around to see if we were alone, and then he kissed me! This was our first 'non-girl' kiss, but it ws great. Then, with me sorta floating, we headed home.

I guess it was a good date, don't you think?

Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm his girl now!

OMG, I love Bryce! Since my 'rents were away, he decided to come over; I got dressed for him, 'natch.
The minute he saw me he as kissing me; telling me how pretty I was! The more he treated me like a girl, the more i loved it! We ended up on the bed, and we started making out, like before.

OH my, i do love the way he tastes! He treated me like a sexy girl that he was totally into, and that just made me melt. I even slid my hand into his pants, and played with his...you know. He kept asking me if I was ready for it, and i was like 'oh i want to be soooo bad', but I'm not sure if i meant i wanted to be ready for it or just wanted to be bad!

Anyway, I started to massage it, rubbing the head, and i loved listening to him moan. Then, as we kissed, and he felt my pantied bottom, he came in my hand. I got a tissue and.....

....thats a lie. I gobbled it down like a puppy. Sheese, i didnt want to write that, but I had too. Then he did a "magic trick". He pulled me close and said a word into my ear. Then i felt this wave build up deep inside me and practically carry me to the ceiling. I was moaning and panting and I didnt want that feeling to go away. I guess he found a program to make me cum when he told me.

I hope he always tells me; i want him to do that too me again. We're supposed to do something tomorrow, so i hope he does something like that. I'm not ready to go out dressed (yet), but I want to. So he wants me to wear panties and a bra under my clothes tomorrow. He told me that my 'female mind' training will let me feel girly enough.

I can't conceive of "girly enough"!!!!

He told me that he wants to try an experiment with me; like I don't feel like an experiment already. He's getting some stuff together; it should be ready in a couple of days. I'm so excited!

Girly right now!

Ok, so I have to tell you all! I am in girl mode big time! I've been listening to this "female mind" file that Bryce picked up for me, and I feel sooooo girly!

Bryce is just so great for doing this for me. I love the way that he has made me so feminine and yet he still treats me like his best friend. I get all excited just thinking about the other day when we kissed. I can't wait until we have another chance!

OMG, i've been looking at different stuff for me to wear when I'm dressed; I've found an old wig that looks REALLY great. And I think I can fit into some of my sister's jeans if I stop eating!


hey, I gotta go....i'm supposed to txt Bryce about tonite. I bet he just wants to play.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

I am so bad with time!

Ok, so, long time no post, right?

I am terrible, I know. But besides trying to enjoy my summer, and doing some work, I really havent done much to warrent a post. I listen to the mp3's, and still do a little dreaming excersize every other night, but its pretty boring, me mowing the lawn as a girl. (except for the neighbors drooling over me!)

We are going to do some more intense stuff soon; Bryce has been getting things online that he said will blow my mind! I cant wait. One thing he wants me to try is something to make me think more like a girl all the time, or at least when I listen to the files! He wants me to chat and txt him in "girl mode" (i think he wants to cyber with me, the big perve!!!)

More soon.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Quick little session

Bryce and I had some time today to try a little session.
Just me dressing; for some reason, I really don't want to kiss Bryce today, only dress up like a girl. I wonder what's on some of these files He has me listening too?

Took some pics, they're on my photo site. Hope you like them, if you see them!

More soon, I hope!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday: Living in the Pink Zone

So, Bryce and I finally got another chance to try more stuff. My parents were no more out the door and I was listening to my iPod and txting him to come over and see the results.

I picked out this cute pink number from my sister (its over there <<<------), used that crappy old wig I had and borrowed some makeup.
But the funny thing was, I was soooo giddy to see him. I made cute little sqeals when I thought of his reaction to my cuteness. And I think i gasped at the thought that he might kiss me like he had in the dreams I've been having.
So, I told him to just come in, and he did. He yelled up for me, and in a girly voice, i told him i was on my way down. You should have seen his jaw drop off and bounce on the floor! All he could say was "Quinn! You look soo pretty!"
(I was a little let down; I was trying for sexy!) But a compliment is a compliment. So, We talked and he took some pictures after putting me more under. Things are a little foggy after that; but I seem to remember acting like some kinda teen ditz some of the time. And I must say that I loved the way I moved; my hips were swaying, my little tits were jiggling and I knew just what to do with my legs!
So, we put in a movie, i made popcorn, and (i can't believe I'm going to say this) we cuddled up on the couch together, like a real couple! The movie was some zombie flick that Bryce liked, but I didn't care; I just wanted to be his girl! (omg, i can't believe I said that!). So, after a while, he started feeling me up...a little. My tits there, my legs here, and then he whispered "You're so pretty Quinn" and when i turned my head to thank him, he KISSED ME! Like a full on french kiss.
After a little tonsil hocky, i pulled myself on top of him and really started to make out with him; all i wanted was to feel his tounge in my mouth. His hands were exploring more, and i really didn't want to stop, although I can't really say I wanted to go further. I guess it's like when your in middle school, and you really only know kissing, but something in your head wants to go further, but you don't know what that is. But, he stopped us, pointing out that my parents would be coming home soon. So, I told him I had better get changed, and gave him one last kiss. He cleaned up while i (reluctantly) changed back into Kevin.
We're going to try this agian reall soon. I'm looking for better outfits already!
Was that hot enough for you, Tommy? ;)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Getting ready for next dressup session

Well, Bryce has had me listening to a bunch of his MP3's, and we've been doing some one on one stuff too. Tomorrow we'll have the house to ourselves, and he said he was working toward something.

I can honestly say that I'm nervous and almost giddy looking forward to it. I picked out a new outfit to try on, and got my wig and stuff ready. I'd like to thank my sister for letting me borrow some of her stuff! Hahaha!

Been reading the captions at that RAchel's Haven site...interesting stuff. If you like that sorta thing, you should check it out.

Ok, sorry so short, but I'm sure I'll have more to post later!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sorry gone so long...

Yeah, I know, I've been gone for like a week. Well, I had graduation last sunday, and then after a little rest, went up to the lakes for some vacation with the fam.

Oh, and I did more of that dream stuff. It was soo cool. My mind is a little frazzled by the weird contrast of what i did and what i dreamed. Like I wore a blue suit under my gown, but in my dreams, I wore this clingy little blue dress, stockings and heels. Bryce and I hung out in real life, and we made out in my dreams.

Oh yeah, he likes that in my dreams, I'm his perfect lil girlfriend. I don't know how to take that, but if it makes him happy, then I'm down with it, i guess.

Oh, I was a girl in my vacation dreams too. Wearing tight little outfits, and my skimpy bikini! Guys from the other cabins were checking me out, but I didn't do anything with them, I just looked so damn hot I know that they had to spank it all night. Of course, there was a little more weirdness here too, as dad seems to be alot more affectionate with his "little girl" in my dreams then he probably should be with a real life daughter.

I'll have to ask Bryce what this all means; i mean do I secretly long for daddy's touch (ewww), or is it some by product of his suggestions and files?

Oh, yeah, Bryce and I are going to have some time alone in the house this coming week. He wants me to dress for him...and I suddenly can't wait to do it too!

OH, got a comment (first one, you lazy basturds!) mentioning some place called "Rachel's Haven", and that he found a link there. Going to check it out, now that I've got time.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Quinn's Dream Day at School

So, as I said the other day, I've been listening to these MP3 files that are supposed to help you envision yourself as a female in a dream, reliving the day's activities. And I've been listening to some other files too. Mostly stuff to help myself be more female.

So, here is what I dreamed for my last day of school. Remember, this is my DREAM, not what really happened. I didn't go to school dressed. I didn't imagine myself dressed as a girl while dressed as a boy. I went to school as a boy, listened to a file, and then DREAMED I had gone to school as a girl; apparently in my dream, I've always been a cute girl. OK, here goes.

Ok, so, in my dream, I woke up, in my pink bed, with pink sheets. I took off my little night shirt, and got into the shower. Since it was hot, I wore a cute little jean mini and tight white polo shirt (i wore jean shorts and a white polo to school, btw). I went down for a little breakfast, and mom and dad asked me if I was excited about my graduation party this weekend. I told them yeah, and they asked if I was going to invite Bryce. (Aparently in my dream, I was seeing Bryce...that was weird) I told them of course, and then drove to school.
Getting to school was cool. All these guys were checking me out, and I was such a little flirt. We just had a few things to do, it was just a half day for us seniors, because we had grad practice. So I went to homeroom, and talked to my friends, who instead of my usual guy friends, were the hot chicks from my class!

OMG! the weird part was when I was in homeroom! I caught my teacher, Mr. Sinniff, checking me out! I know he has a rep for being into "student/teacher relationships", but this was too much.
So, I pretty much went to my couple of classes for the day as a really hot chick, got hit on by guys, and asked to quite a few parties. Then lunch, sitting with the cheerchicks, checkingout the senior guys. Then we had graduation practice, where I pretty much played with my cellphone all the time. Then I went home, and instead of playing GTA4, I got into a VERY TINY BIKINI and laid out out back, while the neighbor guys checked me out (they are young, so it was more funny then hot) :P

Then dad came home, and came around back to talk to me. It felt weird to be soo naked infront of him, but he didn't seem to care. He told me I was growing up to be such a beautiful woman, and that he looked forward to walking me down the aisle!!!! The weird part was I swear he checked out my ass as I walked bye to change for supper.

I had a salad instead of a bacon burger, and then Bryce came over for....well, like I said, we were dating, so you can use your dirty minds to figure out what happened.

omg, he reads this....he's so going to know that we.....oh damn.

Then, since it was hot, i went to bed in my blue bra and panties set, thinking of Bryce, graduation, and Daddy at my wedding.

Let me say, waking up today was a little confusing!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

More suggstions, more Quinn

Hey out there, just thought I'd let you all know what's been going on with me.
I've been listening to some MP3's that Bryce got for me, as well as doing some sessions with him. When I'm under, I just feel soo good and so female. It's unreal.

I've been listening to one that will have me dream the previous days events as if I was a woman.

I can't wait. I mean, with school wrapping up, it would be cool to see how Quinn would handle a day at school! Bryce also has asked me to wear panties every day, like he needed to ask me! ;)

I Know this is so short, but I don't know how long I'll be bye myself her in the computer lab.



Monday, June 2, 2008

Start of a journal

So, here I am. Part of me can't believe that I'm doing it; I wonder if Bryce is doing this. But, as far as I know, this is what I want, so I'm doing it.

For the record, I am NOT a real girl. I guess I am a Transvestite. Well, even that is in the air. I do like to dress in women's clothes, but that's not all of it. I guess I have a fetish/interest in hypnosis. I guess I watched too many old movies where they hypno'd some person to do something against their will, because somewhere it stuck.

So, while I like dressing in women's clothes, I love the idea of being hypnotized while doing it. Or maybe being hypnotized to do it.

So, I've asked my neighbor, we'll call him Bryce, who's going to school to be a head-shrinker (he hates that my dad calls him that), to help me. Bryce and me are really tight, and I've missed him while he's been away to OSU.

In as manly a way as I can say that.

We did some test stuff over the last couple of days. He'd talk to me, try different stuff, and to be frank, I thought it wasn't working at all.

That changed this weekend. The Rents were out of the house, and he called me as said, "Hey, want to give it one last chance?" I said Yeah. He said, "Ok, I'm on my way over. If you feel the urge, go with it. You're your own boss!" I said Whatever, and hung up.

Then, I went into my sister's closet and started picking out outfits! Then, off to mom's room for makeup. I'm not saying I looked like a real chick, but I was doing it as best as I could. In fact, I seemed unable to do anything BUT get dressed up.

When I was done, I sat in a chair near the door, and waited for Bryce. At this point, whatever he did started to wear down. I was worried he would call me a fag, or beat me up, even though he was really cool with the idea, and I knew that. When that door bell rang, my heart stopped. I told him to come inside, and slowly, he opened the door.

He looked at me for a long time, then he smiled. He told me I was kinda cute, for a dude. That made me blush. Then, he told me that this was our breakthrough, and everything should be downhill after this.

I shure hope so!

So, he put me under again, and then we talked and hung out. I even took pictures, which I posted on my gmail account. I really only wanted to do this in my house, just me and Bryce, but for some reason, sharing it here like this really feels right. So, I'm going to post as much as I can, when I can. And you can read and maybe watch what happens, Kay?