Sunday, October 12, 2008

Almost a month?!?

Ok, well as you know, I am very bad about keepin up.

I'm really sorry. and i even have a new online friend givin me support.

thanx Alexia!

Well, school has started, and those communications degrees don't grow on trees.

Of course, Bryce wants me to attend school as a woman, and i LOVE the idea, but it just aint gonna happen.

At least this semester! ;)

Well, we did get some time to take some pics of me in Jeans, and I'm posting them now!

So, I hope my cute lil ass makes up for no posting for weeks.

Oh, and I can't wait till Halloween!!!!

can you say, "Slutty maid"?

I know you can!!


1 comment:

Lady Alexia said...

Glad you are OK, was wondering if you were alright. You look very pretty sweetie. Take care.