Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Figuring stuff out

So, as I posted before, Bryce really crossed a line with me. He made me a different girl ( i guess i'm ok with that), but worse off, he made me flirt with my dad...sorta.

Why do all the good ones have to be perverted???

So, after a couple of days to make him suffer, we talked. Eventually, we talked about what happened. I told him that in theory, everything that we did was hot, but the incest stuff just made me mad. He told me that there were two things that he had thought about:
1) Chastity wasn't my dad's child, she was just some hottie. So that's why i was able to be slutty like that.

2)You can't be hypnotized to do somethign you wouldn't normaly do.

That part troubles me, because if that is true, then it would mean that under the right circumstances, i WOULD flirt (or worse.....ewww) with my dad!

But, while my arguments were mostly me being mad, Bryce's were logical. He even proposed an experiment: I get myself in a female mind (listening to a file or two), then hang around dad. See what my reactions are, if any.

So, I'm putting my money where my brains at: been listening to female mind files for a couple hours now. I'm going to go downstairs and get a snack, and sit near dad.

We'll see how this goes!

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