Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still dreamin

So, i've been doing my day dream exersizes, and it's been fun.

After getting pizza, and realizing how hot our server was in her tight knit pants, i gave it a go. It was fun, taking orders, flirting with guys, finding ways to show off my ass but not really show it off too bad. And the guys making the pizza were into me too! One guy got my number, and i guess i had gone out with at least one other guy! For a work related dream, it was fun.

Went with Bryce to the fair. Wish i coulda been in girl mode, but maybe for the Festival next month...:(.

Anyway, there were ALOT of girl hotties running around, and Bryce wanted me to pay attention to them. So, i did, and then i got some of Bryce's commentary. Stuff like about some of these girls live out here (fair grounds, in trailers) when they show their animals, and how they are kinda slutty sometimes (hey, wearing hotpants and a halter top that says "Sexpot" doesnt make you ALL slutty, does it?), and how they are all 'Daddies lil girls'. I can only guess what he meant.

So, I did the file. I woke up in a trailer, realized i was a few years younger, got a shower. Put on a skimpy pair of panties, no bra, a tight knit top and skin tight pair of very short jeans shorts. I went out and checked on my horse (Winnepeg), rubbed him down. Then went and had breakfast. Dad had made eggs and bacon (yummers), and he was so proud of the awards we had won already. He even said i was the best girl at the fair, and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek! That made me soo happy. Then i went out and cruised the fairgrounds.
That part was a blur: guys making comments about me being hot, girls being nice to my face and calling me a slut behind my back. And old guy who kept stareing at my chest congratulating me on my awards, while his wife gave me the "stink eye" After meeting up with some of the girls, a guy that ran the bumper cars came over to me, and told me he thought i was pretty hot. He told me he was on lunch and wanted to have it with me. Rather than head for the food stands, I took him back to the trailer! As soon as i was sure Daddy wasn't there, I laid down on the couch and told him that lunch was "served"! (wow, i am a slut, arent i?), and then things went from there. Bryce called me and woke me up before stuff got too far, but it was far enough. I told him all about it, and he told me i should write this one out. (i think he was mad about it, for some reason) so i did!

So, any suggestions for more?

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