Saturday, July 12, 2008

Church Daydream

Since i was still a lil bit mad at Bryce, i decided to try the daydream file out by going to church in a sexy dress. I found one on American Apparel's site

So, i turned on my pod and zoned out. Next thing i knew, i was getting out of the shower, getting ready for church. I put on that little number over there, some sexy blue undies, and matching 2 inch (it is church, btw) heels and headed downstairs. Daddy whistled at me, and i got all nervous, but he didn't make me change, although mom seemed to not like my outfit. After a quick nibble, it was into the car and off to church. I loved how the wind blew around my legs; it was all i could do to keep my dress down!

I hopped out of the car (an suv, so i had to step down....dramaticly of course), and stood infront of the church for all to see. I heard some people saying how grown up i was, some saying i was a slut, and quite a few men describing what they wanted to do to me. I just smiled pretty and went inside, making quite a show on the steps.

I won't bore you with the service; but i knew everyone was looking at hot lil Quinn! I uncrossed my legs, and i know i made the pastor lose his place. Then, mom looked at me and told me i had to do the collection. So i hurried back to the back of the chappel, and got the large brass plate. When the pastor indicated, i started down the asile, bending down to give and receive the plate. That's when i realized i might be flashing my sexy little ass to everyone. But, for some reason, i couldn't stop. I just kept on passing the plate, bending over, showing my cute blue panties. It was embarassing, but strangly a turn on too. Soon, i was actually wiggling my ass waiting for the plate! I knew people were watching me...and i wanted them to get their "money's worth". The really strange part was that while men were ogling me, mom and dad seemed unphased. When it was done, i struted back to the altar, bent over at the waist, turned, and walked a catwalk walk back to my seat next to daddy. I plopped down in the pew practically ontop of him, and he just put his hand on my knee like i was a little girl and said "Good job, pumpkin. You're such a pretty young woman now."

And thats when i got that feeling i get when i think of Bryce, or when i dream about him. All warm and dreamy.

That's when i woke up out of it, to my mom knocking on my door, tellin me we had church in the morning.

haha, been there, done that, mommy dearest!!!

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