Friday, July 4, 2008

Girly right now!

Ok, so I have to tell you all! I am in girl mode big time! I've been listening to this "female mind" file that Bryce picked up for me, and I feel sooooo girly!

Bryce is just so great for doing this for me. I love the way that he has made me so feminine and yet he still treats me like his best friend. I get all excited just thinking about the other day when we kissed. I can't wait until we have another chance!

OMG, i've been looking at different stuff for me to wear when I'm dressed; I've found an old wig that looks REALLY great. And I think I can fit into some of my sister's jeans if I stop eating!


hey, I gotta go....i'm supposed to txt Bryce about tonite. I bet he just wants to play.


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