Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday: Living in the Pink Zone

So, Bryce and I finally got another chance to try more stuff. My parents were no more out the door and I was listening to my iPod and txting him to come over and see the results.

I picked out this cute pink number from my sister (its over there <<<------), used that crappy old wig I had and borrowed some makeup.
But the funny thing was, I was soooo giddy to see him. I made cute little sqeals when I thought of his reaction to my cuteness. And I think i gasped at the thought that he might kiss me like he had in the dreams I've been having.
So, I told him to just come in, and he did. He yelled up for me, and in a girly voice, i told him i was on my way down. You should have seen his jaw drop off and bounce on the floor! All he could say was "Quinn! You look soo pretty!"
(I was a little let down; I was trying for sexy!) But a compliment is a compliment. So, We talked and he took some pictures after putting me more under. Things are a little foggy after that; but I seem to remember acting like some kinda teen ditz some of the time. And I must say that I loved the way I moved; my hips were swaying, my little tits were jiggling and I knew just what to do with my legs!
So, we put in a movie, i made popcorn, and (i can't believe I'm going to say this) we cuddled up on the couch together, like a real couple! The movie was some zombie flick that Bryce liked, but I didn't care; I just wanted to be his girl! (omg, i can't believe I said that!). So, after a while, he started feeling me up...a little. My tits there, my legs here, and then he whispered "You're so pretty Quinn" and when i turned my head to thank him, he KISSED ME! Like a full on french kiss.
After a little tonsil hocky, i pulled myself on top of him and really started to make out with him; all i wanted was to feel his tounge in my mouth. His hands were exploring more, and i really didn't want to stop, although I can't really say I wanted to go further. I guess it's like when your in middle school, and you really only know kissing, but something in your head wants to go further, but you don't know what that is. But, he stopped us, pointing out that my parents would be coming home soon. So, I told him I had better get changed, and gave him one last kiss. He cleaned up while i (reluctantly) changed back into Kevin.
We're going to try this agian reall soon. I'm looking for better outfits already!
Was that hot enough for you, Tommy? ;)

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