Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm his girl now!

OMG, I love Bryce! Since my 'rents were away, he decided to come over; I got dressed for him, 'natch.
The minute he saw me he as kissing me; telling me how pretty I was! The more he treated me like a girl, the more i loved it! We ended up on the bed, and we started making out, like before.

OH my, i do love the way he tastes! He treated me like a sexy girl that he was totally into, and that just made me melt. I even slid my hand into his pants, and played with know. He kept asking me if I was ready for it, and i was like 'oh i want to be soooo bad', but I'm not sure if i meant i wanted to be ready for it or just wanted to be bad!

Anyway, I started to massage it, rubbing the head, and i loved listening to him moan. Then, as we kissed, and he felt my pantied bottom, he came in my hand. I got a tissue and.....

....thats a lie. I gobbled it down like a puppy. Sheese, i didnt want to write that, but I had too. Then he did a "magic trick". He pulled me close and said a word into my ear. Then i felt this wave build up deep inside me and practically carry me to the ceiling. I was moaning and panting and I didnt want that feeling to go away. I guess he found a program to make me cum when he told me.

I hope he always tells me; i want him to do that too me again. We're supposed to do something tomorrow, so i hope he does something like that. I'm not ready to go out dressed (yet), but I want to. So he wants me to wear panties and a bra under my clothes tomorrow. He told me that my 'female mind' training will let me feel girly enough.

I can't conceive of "girly enough"!!!!

He told me that he wants to try an experiment with me; like I don't feel like an experiment already. He's getting some stuff together; it should be ready in a couple of days. I'm so excited!

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