Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a long strange week it's been! (or two)

So, flush from my out in public experience, I did what always happens; I got all drepressed. For a couple days, I did my usual self doubt stuff.

Then, Bryce started to cheer me up. So, that satuday we did our hypno thing. I became a really sexy Quinn, he took some pics, and then we went at it like horny rabbitts! It was really nice, he makes me feel sooo good, that I never want to stop being his girl.

So, I was surprised when he told me that he wanted to try something, and we would do it Monday (the 25th). Oh was he a bad boy....that day anyway. He had me get into this pretty dress. Then, he put me under. First of all, he took me outside, but made me not care or notice that it was 4 oclock and i was out as a girl for everyone to see. We'd been outside before, but not IN FRONT of the house. The other suggestion he gave me was that my breast inserts were real, and that he had gotten them for me.

I was sooo confused when i felt my 'boobs'; i couldn't remember the surgery, but since they were real (in my head) i must have had it. Yeah, we were bad horny kids again after that.

So, we didn't do too much the rest of the week, well until Saturday. Bryce had me listen to a special file for him; i really didnt know what was on it. It put me under so fast that i had no time to listen to it to see what he was putting into my head. I guess there were some suggestions for me to want to listen to the program alot, and to not try and fight it, because by Saturday, i was practically attached to my zune.

This next part is sorta hard for me to write; partially because i'm really not sure what really happened to me Saturday, and because I really feel sorta hurt that Bryce took this soo far.

So, after my parents went away for their usual Labor day get away, Bryce called me and asked if i was ready for the big surprise, and of course i said yeah. Then he said some word and everything gets fuzzy. I sorta remember getting out my newest wig and an outfit that he had gotten me. I got really made up...I've seen the pics he took and i don't really recognize me. Then he showed up and gave me a NEW NAME!!!

Chastity! And then he asked me if i was ready for out date. From what i can remember, all i wanted was to be his slut! Then we went outside, me looking like a different girl, and my boy taking Chastity out on the town! I couldn't keep my hands off of him, and he loved it. I even felt my new body like a real girl, and i REALLLLY wanted to show it off. We drove for a while, and we went to a nice little resturant, that looking back i recognized: the place mom and dad go out to eat when they go out for Labor day!!! Bryce took me inside, and we got a table.

From my hazy memories, i remember sitting where they couldn't see us. While we ate, Bryce seemed to be giving me ideas, about being sexy, about being slutty. Then, he told me to go to the bathroom, and to make sure i walked by a certain table (mom & dad's) So i wiggled my tight ass right by them, and after standing in the restroom for a few minutes, i strutted back. I remember my dad looking at me, and i gave him a sly, sexy smile.

I should point out that i wasn't myself, so he wasn't my dad, at least mentally. So, dad sorta smiled back at me, and i sat down with Bryce. Then we left. We went back to my house, and we were back at it. Like a horny slut, i kept nothing back. Bryce started to ask me how i felt about that "old guy" checking me out, and he even told me stuff about how dad was checking me out, and how he could see how horny i made him. Well, that made me practically cum right there. Afterwards, he let me go back to being Quinn.

I was soo pissed about him taking chances with me like that, and for making me get all slutty toward my own father. I kicked him out of the house. I've talked to him today, but I'm still pretty mad.

So, I tried to put it all behind myself and do a little hypno just me by myself. Tried a new look or two. I might do something with him this weekend, after he apologizes for what he did.

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