Monday, June 2, 2008

Start of a journal

So, here I am. Part of me can't believe that I'm doing it; I wonder if Bryce is doing this. But, as far as I know, this is what I want, so I'm doing it.

For the record, I am NOT a real girl. I guess I am a Transvestite. Well, even that is in the air. I do like to dress in women's clothes, but that's not all of it. I guess I have a fetish/interest in hypnosis. I guess I watched too many old movies where they hypno'd some person to do something against their will, because somewhere it stuck.

So, while I like dressing in women's clothes, I love the idea of being hypnotized while doing it. Or maybe being hypnotized to do it.

So, I've asked my neighbor, we'll call him Bryce, who's going to school to be a head-shrinker (he hates that my dad calls him that), to help me. Bryce and me are really tight, and I've missed him while he's been away to OSU.

In as manly a way as I can say that.

We did some test stuff over the last couple of days. He'd talk to me, try different stuff, and to be frank, I thought it wasn't working at all.

That changed this weekend. The Rents were out of the house, and he called me as said, "Hey, want to give it one last chance?" I said Yeah. He said, "Ok, I'm on my way over. If you feel the urge, go with it. You're your own boss!" I said Whatever, and hung up.

Then, I went into my sister's closet and started picking out outfits! Then, off to mom's room for makeup. I'm not saying I looked like a real chick, but I was doing it as best as I could. In fact, I seemed unable to do anything BUT get dressed up.

When I was done, I sat in a chair near the door, and waited for Bryce. At this point, whatever he did started to wear down. I was worried he would call me a fag, or beat me up, even though he was really cool with the idea, and I knew that. When that door bell rang, my heart stopped. I told him to come inside, and slowly, he opened the door.

He looked at me for a long time, then he smiled. He told me I was kinda cute, for a dude. That made me blush. Then, he told me that this was our breakthrough, and everything should be downhill after this.

I shure hope so!

So, he put me under again, and then we talked and hung out. I even took pictures, which I posted on my gmail account. I really only wanted to do this in my house, just me and Bryce, but for some reason, sharing it here like this really feels right. So, I'm going to post as much as I can, when I can. And you can read and maybe watch what happens, Kay?

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Thomas_the_tame said...

This is really hot in case you didn't know.