Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Developments!!!

We inturrupt Bryce's Backwood's fantasy for a breaking development:

I was out as Quinn over the weekend!


I know, its amazing! So, after I did my other part of Bryce's b-day celebration, i got sorta upset about stuff. I know, I get that way after I dress alot. I get all "I'm never going to be more than a boy dressed as a girl." And then i get all upset and want to quit.

Well, this time is no different. But, Thursday, Bryce decided to lift me outa my depression and make me feel like a princess again! A town near by was having a Festival, and he thought it would be cool for him to take Quinn! Not a day dream, not a dream-dream, but for reals!

I told him he was bat-shitte-crazy, but he pointed out that if we did it later at night, when it was dark, and didn't cause a scene, that no one would know. With all the noise, crowds and other stuff, no one would pay attention (bummer) to the blonde hottie from outta town. It took him all day Friday, but he got me to agree. Although, in hindsight, i shoulda been more worried about a bunch of townies burning me at a stake.

We did it Saturday; i picked out my Quinn outfit (jeans, tank and boots), got my wig an makeup, and stashed them in a bag near the front door. I mean, i couldn't walk out the front door as Quinn, could i? (not yet), later in the evening, Bryce came by. We hung out, played some playstation, and he had me listen to that suggestion file....just in case he said. Then, we decided to hit the fest, for some 'fattening food' we said.

On the way outta town, we hit his house, and I got changed. And Bryce loved my outfit. So, after ensuring me that we were going to be ok, we headed to the Fest! We found a place to park, and i had another attack of the nerves. That's when Bryce pointed out the guys who were trying to get a better look at me through the window of the car! That got me a little more into it, so i got out. As we walked by, i heard one of those guys say "Damn, that boy is f**kin lucky! I gotta get me a chick like that!" (if he only knew, i giggled to Bryce). Then Bryce got mean, and told me that i should "Wiggle when I walked", and thanks to that file, i started to strut.

OMG! It was amazing! We were just another couple walking around town, looking at stuff, getting food here and there! No one looked at me funny. OK, guys did, but i think that was more of a 'who is THAT girl?' thing. And from what i could see, i looked pretty much like all the other 18ish girls walking around the fest.

Then, Bryce took my hand, and we WERE a couple! He is so sweet sometimes. (when he's not trying to make me act like a slut!) Yeah, that came up again: some guy was pretty drunk by this beer garden this club had. He started whistling at me, calling me 'sweet cheeks', and trying to get me to come over. I was embarrased, but Bryce wanted to have some fun with him, so he told me ''you're so horny now", and suddenly i needed a man! I looked at that drunk, then i smiled, then i grabbed Bryce and frenched him right there! The guy got pissed, but Bryce took me back to the car, where we made out for a while before going home. God it was so hot!

Bryce want's me to go out with him again soon, and i know i want that too. I'm just afraid that i'm going to slip up and get caught as Quinn! But for right now, i don't care!

I wanna be a princess!

Oh, here's a pic!

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