Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A new level of Girlness!

Oh my gawd! Look at that pic! That's me! I'm like totally a girl now!

Well, maybe outside wise. And how i've been acting. I think my familiy might be wise to me and my changes, but I SO DON'T CARE RIGHT NOW!!!!

I should, but i don't. Bryce put me way under today, and like everything fell into place. I went to town on the wardrobe and the makeup, used the new wig and some pointers I got online, and out popped QUINN! Bryce was floored.

Floored! (well, a little tackle from me doesn't help either...hehe). I didn't try the jeans, i went for a skirt, oh a and dress. He likes me in a skirt anyway....perve guys!

So, we took these shots, and sorta played around a bit. OK, we played ALOT! I don't ever want to be kevin again. But here i am now, back as kevin (cept my thong under my shorts,,:) ), letting you know what happened.

The gang over at Rachel's has been supportive; I only wish they were more vocal (like me! kidding!!),but hey, I'm doing this for me, not them.

Ok, gotta split. More soon.

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