Thursday, October 1, 2009

OK, now its weird

My last post got interrupeted: dad came home and found me in my black dress!
He looked me up and down, told me i looked very pretty (YAY!!!), but he still perfered me as a brunette. So, off i ran to find my other wig. Then I decided to try a different dress. I did stop to take a couple pics, then I ran downstairs and showed dad my new(er) look. He loved it; had me pose and move around the room a bit.
I felt so pretty the way he was looking at me, I didn't want it to end.

Then he asked me if I had something a little more "badgirl" to try on!
I didn't even question it; i just ran up here again, to change into a little dress that Bryce had picked up for me once, and to put on some more makeup.
Why does my dad want me to be a "badGirl"?

Oh, he's calling up to me....more later. I took a pic!

So far, nothing too weird.

Ok, so, after that last post, i bet you all think i've been either taken to the hospital or ran off.
Nope, i'm still tryin to make sense of it all. I kissed my dad! And I liked it (cue Katy Perry music) We haven't talked about it at all, but there are days i think i can feel him looking at me. And thats when i love it sooo much. I want him to just throw me to the ground and make me his girl.
Or do i?

I'm pretty sure i don't want my parents to break up because of my wanting to be a girl, but it's like an itch i can't scratch.
Took some pics today; just me in my jeans and me in my black dress. Nothing too exciting. Actually, i'm still in that dress; taking a little longer to get out of it..haha

Friday, September 4, 2009


Ok, if you've been reading my blog, then you know about my "daddy crush", and how i've been dressing up to get his attention. And you probably have read of my hopes of something more.
Well, you'll never guess what happened tonite!
I was dressed in a cute little dress, just a summery affair with lots of pink, my blonde wig, made up and some sandles. i have to admit, i did look very cute.
i was just hanging out around the house, doing some stuff to get ready for school. Mom was at work, and dad was doing stuff around the house. Of course, i made many passes by his area, letting him see me all pink and perfect, hopeing he liked my outfit. Everything was just going swell.

i decided to get a drink, and i asked him if he wanted one to. He said he did, and i reached into the fridge to get something. The pop was in the back, so I had to bend way down to get it. That's when i realized that he was behind me. For some reason, rather than correcting my posture, i leaned waaaay back into the fridge; i could feel my hem going up my thighs. I was having a nice time teasing daddy, when i lost my footing and actually fell. Next thing i knew, i was in daddies arms. He looked down at me, and asked "are you ok, Quinn?" i nodded, and thats when i realized how close our faces were. "you saved me, daddy," i said shyly. He smiled and said "I couldn't let my beautiful lil girl get hurt." and thats when i realized he was leaning into me.
i just let him lean into that kiss. OMG, the second our lips touched, it was like fireworks! It wasn't a major french kiss, but not one a guy would give his daughter either! We kissed for a few seconds, and then he broke it. i must have had a big smile on my face, but he looked kinda stunned. He muttered something about needing to get ready for supper, and then he helped me up and we went our spreate ways.
Supper was kinda weird, i kept thinking about that kiss, and i know he did too.
What am i going to do?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Falling into a rutt

So, its been an interesting summer: My parents are being understanding and supportive, which has been so cool. I've done my Quinn bit infront of both of them, and they don't harass me or judge me (well, mom says my clothes are a bit more "diva" then she would like her 'daughter' to wear, but thats her being jealous) or anything. I've experimented with looks, chatted with people, and I'm thinking of going out.
Oh, and i'm soo back into the files that it's like i'm back with Bryce. I'm always listening to something it seems, and i think it's starting to affect me again.
Like it did before.

I listen to my mp3s when im getting dressed, and lately, i've been feeling a little...amourous? You know, "in the mood"? But, i don't have my faithful ex guy Bryce, so the energies are just being spent in other directions.

Or at least they were. i noticed my choices for outfits were getting even more "sassy": thight jeans, shorter skirts, tiny shorts. And i was really getting into looking like a girl, with wigs and make-up. And i was starting to act like a real girl too; well, a sexy girl if i do say so myself. And none of this would be a problem.

If i didn't find myself doing all this for the attention of one man; you guessed it, my "daddy crush" has returned.

Big time!

OMG, i have been so bad: I'm strutting around the house hopeing he will say something (and maybe even secretly hoping he'll DO something...?).

Well, today he did: i had just finished my lil shoot in my black PB top and skirt, and went down for a drink, when i walked past him. I bent over to get something from the frige, and he said "Quinn, I can't believe how pretty your legs are."

I just smiled at him and sat in one of the chairs in the kitchen, crossed my legs and asked "Really? You like them, dad?" and he sorta smiled and told me he did. Then i asked him if he liked my hair, and he said he did, but thought i would look better with darker hair (note to self: nothing but dark wigs from now on...haha). I told him i did have a wig like that, and i would show him some day soon, and he said he couldn't wait.

Is my dad flirting with me. He had to get to a meeting, but i think if he had stayed, i woulda been in one of my hotter outfits!

I think I'm becoming a daddies girl!

Monday, July 6, 2009

See, I did come back!

So, like I said, I've been dressing and listening to hypnofiles again. Well, sooner or later, a young TG and a digicam are going to meet, right.
So, I started taking pics, after listening to some "feminizers", and I was having a blast. Oh, I was shameless.

Yes, there are hotter pics...but most of you won't see them.

Most of you, ;)

So, i was widing down my photo shoot, when my dad came home early. ---GASP----

Ok, normally, this would be the end of it all, right?
WRONG sister.
Dad looked at me. I looked at him. I must have turned 5 shades of red. He went 3.
Then he said "Quinn, you look very nice."

Cue the happy music! He didn't freak, he didn't scream, he just accepted me!
So, we talked for awhile. Then, he asked if i had an outfit that wasn't so "girlpower" (i think he wanted to say "SEXBOMB" but he is my dad, you know).
So I went upstairs and put on a cute lil dress for him, which he loved. And we talked and had a little snack. He said he didn't expect me to be such a lovely young girl, and i think i just giggled, which made him laugh.
So, he told me if i want to be Quinn around him, he would be ok with it.
My daddy is so great!
Ok, I'll post more later, ok?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

So, I'm back

First of all, I want to thank all of you that supported me, and gave me kind words of support. It's good knowing that I've got friends and people that support me.

So, Whats new with me, you might ask.

Well, things have been sorta up and down. As you saw with my last post, My parents found out about my dressing. They were pretty upset, and for a while I was worried that they might throw me out. But, they have been pretty supportive. They decided that if I wanted this, that they would support me. They just wanted me to be careful. They are such good people, my parents.

But, I gave up dressing for a few months. I was just so confused and upset and not sure what I wanted. I gave up the hypno too, and in the process of all that, lost Bryce too. He wanted his little hypno slut geisha to pleasure him, even when i was thinking of going all butch and joining the Marines!! He kept telling me to break out a skirt, and come over, and I would tell him I didn't want that anymore.

He finally said that he didn't want to just be friends. I hope we can talk sometime, but if he can't respect me, then who needs him?

Anyway, so I've come back around to dressing again (like always, right girls?), and in the process, I've come back to hypno. So far, no real weirdness like before, but I did save a bunch of my old files....

I plan on posting my new pics soon. I'm not sure how my parents will like me dressing in the house again, but they did say they supported me. And they both said I did look cute as a girl.

Stay tuned,