Monday, August 11, 2008

Well, yesterday was Bryce's b-day, and since we were alone, I was his girl Quinn all day for him.
I put on a skirt and stockings and all kinds of nice things. After playing around a little, he had me listen to some new files he got just for today. I was worried he was going to turn me into a stripper or something. Apparently, what they did do was make me even more suggestible, but not totally tranced out. So, after taking some pics that were VERY embarassing for me, he put the idea in my head that I really wanted to be outside as Quinn.

I was like a little kid, begging my boyfriend Bryce to take me outside. I kept trying to pull him out the front door, or trick him, or sneak around him. Finally, i got him to take me outside! The sun felt sooo good on me. Just knowing I was outside made me very hot. Well, I did somethings that a mother said no good girl would do for her boyfriend, but Bryce loved it, so that's all that matters.

After cleaning up, we watched a movie, and made some dinner. It was a reall date for me! Bryce was sooo sweet to me, he was a total gentleman. Then, the pervert side of him took over, and after the second movie, he decided he wanted pizza. He ordered it for delivery while i listened to the files again. Then, he told me i was going to pay for the pizza, and that pizza guys made me VERY HORNY!! As much as i tried to fight it, those thoughts kept rattling around my head! I couldn't wait for the pizza guy to show up, so i could be a sexy tease for him.

Then the doorbell rang! For a second i was nervous, then i was horny as hell! I wanted that guy to see me in my little skirt and top, so i struted over to the door and opened it. I didn't know the guy; he was like 20ish, but he looked me up and down for a second, then asked if i ordered a pizza. I just went "mmmhmmm" and nodded. He blushed and told me how much it cost; I made a big show of getting the money from my purse behind me (and bending over to show off my stocking tops), gave him a $20 and said 'keep it'. He thanked me, turned around and headed back to his car, stopping once to look back at me. After he pulled away, Bryce asked me if i had fun, because he had.

I jumped him right there. I was a very, very bad girl. And the pizza got cold!

So, tonite, Bryce wants me to read a bunch of incest caps while listening to the daydream file. I told him i would do it (i hope i wasn't under his power at that point...), and then write whatever I daydreamed, no matter how smutty, or pervered it was.

Pray for Quinn!


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