Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day dream believer

Wow, I sounded like a real slut in that last one, eh?

Bet you liked that, huh?


Well, I think I've got some of this stuff figured out. Seems that i can sorta control my daydreams a bit. I've been trying it for the last 2 days. I think about something, or read something, and if it leaves enough of an impression, my daydream takes on that form.

I guess, for my church one, i was a lil bit horny too, besides dreaming about church. omg i'm so going to hell.

So, besides doing my first ever caption (thanks for all the praise, gang), I've had a very interesting couple of days.

I read an article about female executives, and became some blonde office hottie; i sat with mom while she watched some movie with a wedding and then went and got married (to Bryce, natch!); after several flippings through my HS yearbook i've been a cheerleader, majorette, bad girl, teacher (i was in my class, weird?), prom queen and lunch lady; after going to the pool, i was a lifeguard; thinking about my sister when she was younger made me a little girl (that was fun...glad i wasn't horny then..ewwwwww); and after watching 'Girls next Door' made me a bunny!

I probably shoulda written all of them out, but it was a roller coaster of fun; if you want to hear one, let me know, k?

So, now i'm trying to figure out where to take that next: i'm thinking of tying an action movie and being a Buffy or some such, or maybe a comic. Thought about being a mother, dancer, or some other cute chick profession.

Bryce, being the big perve he is, has some other ideas. He's thinking striper, female character in a Skinamax movie, girl in a romance novel, or maybe hooker.

Another idea he had that i sorta like but it scares me is for me to read a bunch of captions and see what happens. That sounds like fun on the surface, but he has a bunch saved on his computer, and most of them are dirty. A few of them are incest related (those are his favorites), and he seems to like to show them too me. They are sorta hot, but just...i dont know, sorta wrong. But, he points out, its all just in my head, and we shouldn't get all worked up over some silly fantasy stuff. I guess he has a point, so we'll see.

On the super plus side, all this girly thinking has made me very good with my makeup, my new wig and my sis's clothes. I've been dressing on my own when i get the chance; going to take new pics soon, promise!

OK, off to go zone out.


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