Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Am I a Freak?

So, I did the experiment last night, mostly just to shut Bryce up and clear my head.

If you ever feel you need to experiment to prove something, then sisters you are in for a rude awakening.

I listened to the female mind files, as Bryce suggested, then I went downstairs to hang out with dad and watch some tv. He was watching a movie, so i grabbed some popcorn and sat on the couch near his chair. At first, everything seemed normal, and i felt vindicated.

Then, these stray thoughts started to pop up. I realized i had been watching my dad, like almost staring at him. I caught myself thinking about how good looking he is, a thought that almost made me leave the room. Then, after a bit, i found myself wishing that i could wear one of my outfits for daddy (thats what i thought, daddy!) to see me in! I tried to put them out of my head, and pay attention to the movie, but it was like a boomerang; as soon as i thought i'd gotten it out, it came back. I wish i knew why this was happening to me!

Well, eventually, the movie was over, and then i went to get the dvd out of the player. Thats when i realized that i had just bent at the waist to get it, showing off my butt like some street hoe!
Dad didn't say anything; he was reading the box, and that's what really bothered me for a few seconds: He didn't notice my cute butt in my nice black lace panties!

I don't think this was anything that Bryce did, at least not on purpose. If i had to guess, maybe it's a mix of the several hypno files that i listen to everynight.

There is another thing that's bothering me: i seem to want to get caught being dressed as Quinn. I've left things out that would reveal my hobby. I've left my computer or camera in states where my files could be found, and i've started wearing bits of female garb with my boy clothes.

I don't know what my parents will say if they find out. I hope they will be supportive, but you never know.

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