Sunday, June 29, 2008

I am so bad with time!

Ok, so, long time no post, right?

I am terrible, I know. But besides trying to enjoy my summer, and doing some work, I really havent done much to warrent a post. I listen to the mp3's, and still do a little dreaming excersize every other night, but its pretty boring, me mowing the lawn as a girl. (except for the neighbors drooling over me!)

We are going to do some more intense stuff soon; Bryce has been getting things online that he said will blow my mind! I cant wait. One thing he wants me to try is something to make me think more like a girl all the time, or at least when I listen to the files! He wants me to chat and txt him in "girl mode" (i think he wants to cyber with me, the big perve!!!)

More soon.

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