Monday, August 4, 2008

Two week funk!

Ok, so, I've been gone for two weeks.

Well, some of that time was me being girly. Then, I had this crisis of faith where I thought that I was doing the wrong thing. I was born a boy, and I should stay a boy.

But then I saw my make up kit and new that was a bunch of bull!

So, then there was some family time; a little vacation. That part was the hardest; I didn't spend any time as Quinn, and I really didn't have time to even daydream like I had been. So, alot of the stuff Bryce and I did had to be redone.

Well, Bryce's birthday is comeing up, and he wants me to be his present!

Not like that (well maybe), but he wants girly Quinn for a whole day, maybe even for me to go somewhere as Quinn! (I'm not too sure about that, but he is the hypnotist!) The one thing he wants that I'm a little weary of is that he wants me to try a daydream after reading some of his fave captions, which as I mentioned earlier, are sorta heavy in the incest department. But, it's only in my head, right?


Anway, Probably some more pics coming soon. Sorry to be so short, but I also got to think about schooling too. College awaits (maybe I'll be full time Quinn by then....?)

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