Monday, January 25, 2010

So busy, so much happening!

Ok, how to sumarize the last few months:
Finshed another quarter at school. Grades are pretty good, mostly because i'm so distracted when i'm not Quinn. Thoughts turn to pretty dresses, and certain guys.
The Holidays were...interesting to say the least. Things around dad are so.....complicated. i always want to put on my best dress, plop onto his lap and beg for a great, big christmas present. But i can't do that....can i?
Got some girl's items for xmas, which was great. Mom seems to be warming up to the whole dressing thing.

And you all can guess daddy's reaction. A lot of you have sent me questions about that situation. No; I have not had sex with my father. As much as that twistedly wrong idea dances around in my libido, i haven't given in.....yet. But there was another 'incident': At new years, it was pretty much just Daddy, mom and me. I was allowed to wear a cute little dress that i had picked out. Mom gave me a little peck on the cheek, and she went to see about some food. I turned to see Daddy standing oh so close to me. With a big smile, he said "My first year with my pretty daughter." Then he asked if it would be ok to kiss me.

i wanted to scream "HELL YESSSSSS!", but just nodded. So he leaned in and gave me a slow, sweet kiss on the lips.
OMG, i thought i was going to die. He pulled away, but i think he saw the look on my face, since he leaned right back in and kissed me again! i even made a little moan, like a horny prom girl. Mom came back just after we broke the kiss and went into a hug (i don't think she knows about any of this...unless she has been reading my blog!)

So, I'm back to school, again. i've been looking into what it would take to be a transgendered student at school; i so want to be Quinn on Campus!

OH, I totally forgot to post the pics that I've took over the fall/winter. Hope you enjoy the new slideshow!