Saturday, June 7, 2008

Quinn's Dream Day at School

So, as I said the other day, I've been listening to these MP3 files that are supposed to help you envision yourself as a female in a dream, reliving the day's activities. And I've been listening to some other files too. Mostly stuff to help myself be more female.

So, here is what I dreamed for my last day of school. Remember, this is my DREAM, not what really happened. I didn't go to school dressed. I didn't imagine myself dressed as a girl while dressed as a boy. I went to school as a boy, listened to a file, and then DREAMED I had gone to school as a girl; apparently in my dream, I've always been a cute girl. OK, here goes.

Ok, so, in my dream, I woke up, in my pink bed, with pink sheets. I took off my little night shirt, and got into the shower. Since it was hot, I wore a cute little jean mini and tight white polo shirt (i wore jean shorts and a white polo to school, btw). I went down for a little breakfast, and mom and dad asked me if I was excited about my graduation party this weekend. I told them yeah, and they asked if I was going to invite Bryce. (Aparently in my dream, I was seeing Bryce...that was weird) I told them of course, and then drove to school.
Getting to school was cool. All these guys were checking me out, and I was such a little flirt. We just had a few things to do, it was just a half day for us seniors, because we had grad practice. So I went to homeroom, and talked to my friends, who instead of my usual guy friends, were the hot chicks from my class!

OMG! the weird part was when I was in homeroom! I caught my teacher, Mr. Sinniff, checking me out! I know he has a rep for being into "student/teacher relationships", but this was too much.
So, I pretty much went to my couple of classes for the day as a really hot chick, got hit on by guys, and asked to quite a few parties. Then lunch, sitting with the cheerchicks, checkingout the senior guys. Then we had graduation practice, where I pretty much played with my cellphone all the time. Then I went home, and instead of playing GTA4, I got into a VERY TINY BIKINI and laid out out back, while the neighbor guys checked me out (they are young, so it was more funny then hot) :P

Then dad came home, and came around back to talk to me. It felt weird to be soo naked infront of him, but he didn't seem to care. He told me I was growing up to be such a beautiful woman, and that he looked forward to walking me down the aisle!!!! The weird part was I swear he checked out my ass as I walked bye to change for supper.

I had a salad instead of a bacon burger, and then Bryce came over for....well, like I said, we were dating, so you can use your dirty minds to figure out what happened.

omg, he reads this....he's so going to know that we.....oh damn.

Then, since it was hot, i went to bed in my blue bra and panties set, thinking of Bryce, graduation, and Daddy at my wedding.

Let me say, waking up today was a little confusing!!

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