Sunday, July 6, 2008

After the Femme

Wow, I read that stuff and it seems like a dream....i guess the female mind stuff has worn out, or maybe waiting for a trigger to reactivate, but I'm back to my usual boish self. I don't feel like kissing my best friend, I don't want to strut around the mall (more on that later) and I don't want to wear girls jeans.

I want to wear a jean mini!!!

Hahaha omg i m sb!

So, this is in sharp contrast to yesterday's trip to the mall and movies. Like I said, panties and bra under my boy's stuff. Pink lace, for those keepin score! And in my head, a little file called "female mind", and let me tell you, it really worked. I really wanted to put on my sisters mini and hose, my make up and wig, but I couldn't, and i was soooo pouty! :(

Bryce picked me up, and we went to the mall, then to see Hancock. He kept looking at me, and finally he asked what was the matter; i told him that it was all i could do to keep from kissing him right there in the street. He laughed and joked that i was into him bad. Then he pointed out that I was sitting like a girl. I just giggled and pointed out how much he liked my legs. He shyly agreed, and we continued onto the mall. I reallized that when we were walking, i would sway my hips like a girl. I would try to stop, but it seemed so natural! Bryce told me i shoulda worn tighter shorts, since my ass is fantastic. God that turned me on! I told him that if he wanted, i could find something more to his liking in one of the stores; he said that we had time and he would love it, so he hit the Steve and Barry's in the mall! I picked out a pair my size, a pair two sizes too small, and when Bryce wasn't looking, a pair of girls short shorts! Then we headed to the changeing rooms.

I had Bryce stand lookout for me, even thought i wanted him in there with to speak. To keep up the appearence of two guys being out, I tried on the pair my size first. He shook his head. So I darted back into the room and changed into those girls shorts. I asked if it was clear, and he said it was, so i steped out of the room. You should have seen Bryce's face! Jaw on the floor "omg your ass is so damn hot" was the basis of his compliment. I told him what i had on, and then went to put on the small shorts. They were very tight, but were still boy shorts. Bryce said he liked the other ones better, but we could work with these. I left the other stuff in the room and took the small pair to pay for them. After we left, we headed to the theater. Bryce wanted me to change in the restrooms there. Then he handed me a tiny pink thong, and told me he had swiped it for me; I was to wear it as well. I quickly went in and changed, and met him in the theater. I think I heard a guy whistle at me as i went in!

We didn't do much in the movie, at first. Then, Bryce leaned in and told me that i was so sexy it was all he could do to not take me in the theater. I actually moaned when he told me that. Then he slid a hand under my but to feel my ass. So, I let him feel me up for the rest of the movie. Then, he had me wait while the credits rolled. Before we left, he looked around to see if we were alone, and then he kissed me! This was our first 'non-girl' kiss, but it ws great. Then, with me sorta floating, we headed home.

I guess it was a good date, don't you think?

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