Saturday, June 6, 2009

So, I'm back

First of all, I want to thank all of you that supported me, and gave me kind words of support. It's good knowing that I've got friends and people that support me.

So, Whats new with me, you might ask.

Well, things have been sorta up and down. As you saw with my last post, My parents found out about my dressing. They were pretty upset, and for a while I was worried that they might throw me out. But, they have been pretty supportive. They decided that if I wanted this, that they would support me. They just wanted me to be careful. They are such good people, my parents.

But, I gave up dressing for a few months. I was just so confused and upset and not sure what I wanted. I gave up the hypno too, and in the process of all that, lost Bryce too. He wanted his little hypno slut geisha to pleasure him, even when i was thinking of going all butch and joining the Marines!! He kept telling me to break out a skirt, and come over, and I would tell him I didn't want that anymore.

He finally said that he didn't want to just be friends. I hope we can talk sometime, but if he can't respect me, then who needs him?

Anyway, so I've come back around to dressing again (like always, right girls?), and in the process, I've come back to hypno. So far, no real weirdness like before, but I did save a bunch of my old files....

I plan on posting my new pics soon. I'm not sure how my parents will like me dressing in the house again, but they did say they supported me. And they both said I did look cute as a girl.

Stay tuned,

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Thomas_the_tame said...

Welcome back!! About damn time, too. I know it's a struggle finding your way to who you are and who you want to be. Whoever you end up being and whoever you want to be, here's hoping you can accept both.