Thursday, October 1, 2009

So far, nothing too weird.

Ok, so, after that last post, i bet you all think i've been either taken to the hospital or ran off.
Nope, i'm still tryin to make sense of it all. I kissed my dad! And I liked it (cue Katy Perry music) We haven't talked about it at all, but there are days i think i can feel him looking at me. And thats when i love it sooo much. I want him to just throw me to the ground and make me his girl.
Or do i?

I'm pretty sure i don't want my parents to break up because of my wanting to be a girl, but it's like an itch i can't scratch.
Took some pics today; just me in my jeans and me in my black dress. Nothing too exciting. Actually, i'm still in that dress; taking a little longer to get out of it..haha

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