Friday, September 4, 2009


Ok, if you've been reading my blog, then you know about my "daddy crush", and how i've been dressing up to get his attention. And you probably have read of my hopes of something more.
Well, you'll never guess what happened tonite!
I was dressed in a cute little dress, just a summery affair with lots of pink, my blonde wig, made up and some sandles. i have to admit, i did look very cute.
i was just hanging out around the house, doing some stuff to get ready for school. Mom was at work, and dad was doing stuff around the house. Of course, i made many passes by his area, letting him see me all pink and perfect, hopeing he liked my outfit. Everything was just going swell.

i decided to get a drink, and i asked him if he wanted one to. He said he did, and i reached into the fridge to get something. The pop was in the back, so I had to bend way down to get it. That's when i realized that he was behind me. For some reason, rather than correcting my posture, i leaned waaaay back into the fridge; i could feel my hem going up my thighs. I was having a nice time teasing daddy, when i lost my footing and actually fell. Next thing i knew, i was in daddies arms. He looked down at me, and asked "are you ok, Quinn?" i nodded, and thats when i realized how close our faces were. "you saved me, daddy," i said shyly. He smiled and said "I couldn't let my beautiful lil girl get hurt." and thats when i realized he was leaning into me.
i just let him lean into that kiss. OMG, the second our lips touched, it was like fireworks! It wasn't a major french kiss, but not one a guy would give his daughter either! We kissed for a few seconds, and then he broke it. i must have had a big smile on my face, but he looked kinda stunned. He muttered something about needing to get ready for supper, and then he helped me up and we went our spreate ways.
Supper was kinda weird, i kept thinking about that kiss, and i know he did too.
What am i going to do?

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