Thursday, October 1, 2009

OK, now its weird

My last post got interrupeted: dad came home and found me in my black dress!
He looked me up and down, told me i looked very pretty (YAY!!!), but he still perfered me as a brunette. So, off i ran to find my other wig. Then I decided to try a different dress. I did stop to take a couple pics, then I ran downstairs and showed dad my new(er) look. He loved it; had me pose and move around the room a bit.
I felt so pretty the way he was looking at me, I didn't want it to end.

Then he asked me if I had something a little more "badgirl" to try on!
I didn't even question it; i just ran up here again, to change into a little dress that Bryce had picked up for me once, and to put on some more makeup.
Why does my dad want me to be a "badGirl"?

Oh, he's calling up to me....more later. I took a pic!


Lady Alexia said...

OK, wow, so pretty. You do look better as a brunette. You wear that dress so well. Makes me very jealous.

Anonymous said...

i would love to discuss the files sometime :)

ThatGirl03 said...

Ok so like your kinda a hero to me I wish I could become this girlie, please help?