Friday, August 19, 2011

I am the worst blogger in history!

It's been like a year and a half? WTF?!? You guys must hate me.
But, it's been a long, rough time, so who can blame me, i guess.

Ok, I am now going to school as Quinn. Full time. So far, no bad reactions (ok, nothing REALLY bad; still some guys that call me queer under their breathe, but for the most part no one treats me tooo different. At least when I bust out the miniskirts!!!)
This should be my last year for college. Hope it goes quick.
On a negative note, my parents split up last year. Mom felt that dad wasn't in love with her anymore. Things got bad between them, and she took a job in another state, telling me i could come visit and live with her if I wanted.


Of course, you all can guess what REALLY happened; Dad and me gave into our mutual feelings. Things between us got heavier after the Holidays; I started dressing to impress him, and he started giving me much more attention. We started making out when we were alone, which led to me giving him head whenever i could. Once i started going to school as a female full time, and dressing full time, it got even worse. I was pretty much his mistress, which made me soo fucking hot. i told him about the hypnosis, and he started getting files for me. That's when i started thinking of him as my boyfriend, not my dad. We made love for the first time 5 days after mom moved out. It was everything i wanted it to be.

So, I've got a bf that is old enough to be my dad (hahaha); since i'm living as a girl, my newer friends havn't made the connection yet. He wants me to move back home, but i still want to finish my schooling. Of course, this summer i've been pretty much living as his wife; sharing his bed, cooking his meals, doing his laundry, and you can guess what else...;)

He kinda doesn't like me posting on here, but i had an urge, so i did it. I will try to be a better blogger, i swear!


Lady Alexia said...

Just happy to know you are doing OK. Good Luck Sweetie

Unknown said...

Oh, Quinn! I would so love to hear from you again! I check back here every so often, just hoping against hope that maybe you'd have posted something.

Oh, you poor, dear, beautiful girl... please be alright :-(